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Helping little paws have a better tomorrow, one life at a time.

Paws of Tomorrow is a 501c3 nonprofit group of volunteer dog lovers whose mission is to rescue, provide sanctuary, and ultimately to rehome abandoned stray and neglected animals. They spent countless hours working with high kill shelter’s to pull urgent dogs. They thrive on helping castaway dogs and dedicate their  time and knowledge to finding homes for these animals that deserve a better life. Whenever possible they also assist in finding homes for animals that, because of extenuating circumstance, are unable to remain in their homes with their owners. Paws of Tomorrow is primarily located in the Ocean View, Delaware area with an office location and adoption center at Wags to Riches in Fenwick Island /Selbyville, however they will offer transport of their pets to most areas of the East Coast. They offer vetting for seriously injured dogs that would otherwise not receive a second chance at life because of the circumstances and shelters. They try to foster as many Paws dogs as they can and provide them with an enormous amount of love and any medical attention that may be required. This ensures that they are in good health, spayed or neutered, microchipped and brought up to date on shots before adoption. When time permits, the dogs are also house trained and taught basic obedience. All Paws pets that are taken into foster care are also evaluated for temperament and personality. This helps Paws place the dogs in homes that are well-suited to their needs and the needs of their future owners. If you are looking for a specific type of dog and do not see it on their website, please email them at They work closely with other rescue groups and animal shelters and may be able to assist you in finding your next furry friend. None of this could be done without local support. We thank each person that has helped to save a life by sustaining us in our efforts. 
To adopt one of the lovely dogs/cats, an adoption application is required. The applications are located on the apps page of the website. You will not be considered until the application is received by them. If you are interested in visiting one of the pets, they can arrange that after reviewing the application. *You can meet our rescue dogs, by appointment ONLY, at our Wags to Riches location. All of the pets are in foster care and they want to know a little about you before sending you to the volunteers home. Final approval may take as much as a week. Once they receive your application, they will contact your vet reference and arrange a phone interview with you. Please contact them with any questions. They want to assure the adoption process is a smooth, happy transition. All individuals who work with the rescue are volunteers and do this solely to help animals find homes. They take pride in knowing that they are not only helping these animals but also helping you find the perfect pet for your home.
Paws of Tomorrow owes their success to the Fosters!! So many of the high kill shelters they work with, euthanize quickly. This does not give a person enough time to find a sweet dog sitting in the corner. Foster parents give them the hope of escaping this horror and offer them a chance. A foster takes the dog into their home on a temporary basis – until they find the dog a permanent adoptive home. They provide the love and support this animal needs in order to adjust to life in a new home. Fosters also play a critical role in the adoption process. Because they know the dog so well, they can tell us when the dogs will fit well into the applicants home. Fostering will be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. All costs associated with fostering is covered by Paws of Tomorrow.
Please consider becoming a foster and saving a life today!!
As we stated before, the rescue incurs a lot of expenses including transport, vetting bills, foods and medicines provided to the foster homes. Please consider donating to one of our many fundraising events or our office location at Wags to Riches Pet Grooming in Selbyville/Fenwick. At this location, you can donate supplies as well as funds or just find out more information about the rescue. 
You do not have to adopt to save a life!!
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