We offer a gentle de-shedding treatment that dramatically reduces the mess and cleanup of unwanted hair in your home and keeps your pet cooler. The treatment is designed to reduce shedding where it begins, in the undercoat of your pet. This treatment is beneficial for both dogs and cats, whether they are long or short coated.

You can expect the treatment to reduce the shedding of your pet by 70-80%! The first and second visit will remove the bulk of built up shed, while the treatment itself is meant to lessen the amount of shedding coat that regrows naturally. You may experience some shed still as this is meant to reduce shed not deplete it. If you just want to get rid of extra coat you’ll want to at least order Shedless Treatments with the changing seasons as this is your high shed time. Those of you looking for clean floors and enjoy wearing darker clothing, we recommend every three to six weeks. Remember this is a “treatment” and has to be used regularly for best results.

Pricing varies by weight and hair length. The additional fee ranges from $10-$20 in addition to the full service bath and or groom. $30 for Chows and extra large longer hair dogs such as St. Bernards & Newfoundlands due to the large amount of product that is used.

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