Our Dog Bath Includes:

~ Snout to Tail Wellness Check
~ Ear Cleaning
~ Nail Trimming & Buffing
~ External Gland Expression
~ Bath: Aloe shampoo rinse to remove dirt & debris – followed by the shampooing of your choice
~ Blow dry 
~ Brush out
~ Scented Spritz
~ Bandana or Fancy Bow

Our Dog Groom Includes:

~ Ear Cleaning & Plucking
~ Nail Trimming & Buffing
~ Paw Pad Hair Removal
~ Sanitary Trim: removal of matting & any coat in way of bodily waste
~ External Gland Expression: we express the anal glands to relieve any blockage then sanitize the area
~ Bath: Aloe Shampoo Rinse to remove dirt & debris – followed by the shampooing of your choice
~ Hair Cut: We groom to your choosing, from just a paw pad shave and sanitary cut, to any breed cut, or even a fun mohawk with pink and green cheetah prints!

“The Wags Bath” in Detail


We were all pet owners here before we were groomers. There are so many things that we wish we would have known sooner that most pet owners just overlook. So we provide this assessment and document what’s needed. Our Wellness Check consist of the following:


A moist nose is a high functioning nose. Dogs lick their noses to collect information from the air. Dry noses are common and can mean different things. You should always consult your vet with any concerns. We check for moisture in the nose and any abnormalities in the snout. We use a special nose treatment to soften a ruff nose when needed.


Did you know about 70% of Cats & 80% of Dogs suffer from periodontal disease by age 3? They form dental calculus (plaque) just like we do. This leads to gum disease which can lead to heart disease etc. Poor dental health can also affect your pet’s mood and even make them sleep more. We check your pet’s teeth and gums for inflammation and discoloration. We recommend that you brush your dog’s teeth at home daily and order the teeth brushing service at groom drop off. This simple service can help prevent discomfort for your pet and costly vet visits for you.


We check the eye function and clean out debris after bath & after haircut.


We clean out all ear build up and remove the canal hair. This is necessary to prevent ear infections as it allows air flow into the ear canal and is a serious need for most long coated dogs.


You have sweat glands all over your body, your dog’s sweat glands are only in their Paw Pads. They then cool themselves by panting. Paw pads burn easily on the blacktop and sidewalks in summer and can be affected negatively by salt in the winter. We check the pads and use a condition appropriate paw balm when needed. If your dog is getting a haircut, we will then also remove the hair from between the pads for two reasons, to unblock the sweat glands and to help with traction. For example, an older or even playful Golden Retriever who has hardwood flooring at home, slipping and sliding is hard on the hips another reason why grooming and health go hand in hand.


We trim and buff the nails including the dew claws. Nail trimming just removes the extra tip of the nail, the buffing then takes the nail down ‘around’ the quick (the vein that bleeds when a nail is cut too short) this gives you the shortest nails possible in a safe way plus they will not be as sharp which is ideal for a home with children or the elderly.


Your dog has two sacs located below the rectum that fill, and are meant to secret with the bowel movement. This is your dog’s identity database so to speak, it’s why you see dogs sniffing each other back there. They can tell everything from diet to age and even their mood by this smell. Sometimes the stool isn’t firm enough and the sacs can’t empty themselves this is one reason you might see your dog ‘scoot on the carpet’. We manipulate the glands externally to help empty the sacs. We advise against expressing glands of puppies or larger dogs because they can grow a dependency on the help, but we always check in case they are impacted and just to be sure everything is as it should be. Anal Gland Expression is a common need of smaller sized dogs. They should not behave like it hurts and if they do we urge you to see your vet, we have personally saved dogs lives by finding this discomfort!


Allergies are common in dogs be it environmental or food. We have an array of quality & veterinarian recommend shampoo and treatment options based around the needs of your pet. We check the skin for flaking and dryness, fleas, irritation, and injury. We check the coat to ensure that hair loss is from shedding and not from falling out (like you would typically see with a food allergy) We highly suggest consulting your vet when the need arises.

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