Mobile Grooming


Why Mobile Grooming?

  • Convenience. What could be more convenient than the groomer bringing his or her business to your front door? You are free to handle other chores or activities around your house while your dog is groomed.
  • One-on-one-attention. Typically, a groomer is taking care of a number of dogs at the same time – monitoring the washing of one while checking out the nail clipping of another. With mobile dog grooming, the focus of the groomer is solely on your dog.
  • Less stress for your dog. Part of the anxiety for your dog is leaving his or her home for a grooming that may or may not be a pleasurable experience. Using mobile dog grooming eliminates any discomfort or anxiety on the part of your dog on the ride over to the groomer.
  • Great for older animals. There are many aspects of grooming that are soothing and positive for dogs. The combing and brushing removes dead skin and can be very calming. But as dogs get older, they may not tolerate trips to the groomer as well as they once did. Mobile dog grooming can keep an older dog’s coat in top condition, which is an important part of staying healthy.

Our basic bath & groom includes:

~ Ear cleaning
~ Nail trim
~ Head to tail pet wellness assessment
~ Bath
~ Blow dry
~ Brush out and your choice of haircut.
*For NO additional charge we also remove the hair from the ear canal
~ buff each nail as short and smooth as possible
~ express anal glands(if easily expressed)
~ fresh smell spray~fancy bow or hand cut bandana and lots of love and wags!!!

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